Pay Per Click Retargeting

Even if you don’t realize it, you have experienced remarketing. You visit a website and notice ads for that site are everywhere you go. Wouldn’t you like your business to be featured on your customer’s searches? If so, you should invest in pay-per-click retargeting with our team at Top Thrive Consulting.

How Top Thrive Consulting Can Help

At Top Thrive Consulting, we will create complete retargeting services, which includes the development of a custom campaign, as well as management services. Our team’s expertise will help ensure businesses spend their ad dollars on the specific users who are most likely to actually convert, instead of targeting customers who aren’t really interested.

Some of the components offered by our remarketing services include:

  • Keyword research and selection
  • Optimization of landing page
  • Text creation for ads
  • Conversion tracking
  • Ad submission
  • PPC monitoring

Our PPC Retargeting Packages

Deliverables R-Plan 1 R-Plan 2 R-Plan 3
Management Fees $159/Month $259/Month $399/Month
Engines Google Google Google
Account Setup
Remarketing Tag Creation
Remarketing Tag Set-up
Custom Audience Creation
Network GDN GDN GDN + Adroll Networks
Display Remarketing
Dynamic Remarketing
Dynamic Tag Set-up
Image Ads 2 Free 4 Free 4 Free
Display Remarketing
Text Ad
Ad Optimization
Placement Optimization
Weekly Report
Monthly Report

If you are ready to create a retargeting campaign for your business, you need to partner with our team.

We know how to ensure the efforts you make are effective. To learn more, contact us today.

Using Retargeting to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales

When retargeting is used properly, it can target individuals who took certain actions while visiting your website. You create conditions based on cookies, which allows us to create and show specific ads to a targeted set of users. This means your ad dollars are going to be spent targeting a user who is ripest for a conversion.

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